Services for residential clients.

We can work with you from start to finish, with your new construction project.  Selections of all exterior and interior finishes, from exterior siding, roofing, stone, to kitchen design & finishes, bathroom design & finishes, flooring selection, lighting selection, color scheme , space planning, to interior decorating and furnishing.

Or we can help you transform your existing home into the dream home you always wanted.  We will work with your budget in mind, and will work with you and your building contractor, to make the process as easy and pleasant as possible.

We also offer space planning services, personal shopping services, for furniture, area rugs, art works, and other décoratives accessories.

Color consultations.

We offer free consultation & quote, for blinds:

Revolve Shades, Roller-Shades, Sun Shades, Sheerweeves, Faux-wood blinds, and Vertical blinds

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Services for commercial spaces.

Either your starting a new business, or you want a new decor in your office spaces, restaurants, hotel, spas …  We will create a space that reflect your personality, your vision, and professionalism.  With your budget in mind, we will make your business space, a place where your clients will be happy to come back.


AUBERGE HOPITAL G L Dumont, in Moncton, NB.  – Renovation and new decor of the common area such as the kitchen, living room, recreation room, dining room, reception and manager’s office spaces.  In 2009.

HOTEL V & SUITES, in Moncton, NB.  – Renovation projects of the Hotel Lobby, 43 bedrooms, and hotel restaurant.  Design of new lobby, space planning, design of new bedroom furniture (with Julie Bourget, Interior Designer).  Selection of all interiors finishes, and staging with new furniture and decorative accessories. In 2010.

IMMEUBLES VISION REALTY, – New construction of multiple residential apartment complex in Moncton and Riverview, NB.   Responsible for the selections of all exterior and interior finishes for the apartments. Designing & decorating of front reception with furniture and decor accessories.

COMPLEX RENDEZ-VOUS NURSING HOME, in Neguac, NB.  New construction-responsible to select all interior finishes following the Province Guidelines, (with Julie Bourget, interior designer). In 2014.

CLINIQUE DENTAIRE ACADIE, in Dieppe, NB. – New construction of a dental clinic on main level and 8 residential apartment for seniors. Responsable for the design concept, space planning, of the dental clinic reception and waiting area (with the collaboration of Shawn LeBlanc, interior designer).  Selection of finishes for the dental clinic, and the residential apartment.  Selection of all builing exterior finishes.  In 2014-2015.

VISION COMMERCIAL GROUP, in Moncton, NB. -Renovation of the famous historical building – Tutles Funeral Home, transformed into commercial spaces.  Responsible for the interior design and finishes of the common area, and the owners office spaces.  In 2015-2016.

REHAB 1 PHYSIOTHERAPY, in Moncton, NB. Design/Decor concept of new facilities, selection of all interior finish, lighting, space planning for new furniture in reception and consultation room. In 2016.

McDONALD RESTAURANT – in Moncton, NB.    Design/Decor concept of new training room, space planning, and selection of new furniture.  In 2016.

FIDELIS LAW OFFICE – in Moncton, NB.  New office spaces. Selection of interior all interior finishes, new office furniture, staging with decor accesssories, and new window treatment. In 2016.

AUDI & WOLKSWAGON – car dealership in Moncton, NB.  Staging of their new car showroom and sales offices. In 2016.

MEDES SPA – in Dieppe, NB.  Renovation and new decor project.  Design concept for group service room, and manicure-pedicure chairs.  Selection of new furniture, window covering, and layout of the reception area.  2016-2017

BVL LAW OFFICES, in Moncton, NB.  Design concept for the new office spaces and the reception area.  Selection of all interior finishes, selection of new office furniture, and staging with decorative accessories.  (2017)

BINGHAM LAW OFFICES, in Moncton, NB.  Selection of all interior finishes, lighting, flooring, colors, wall paper, accent walls, for new reception area, boardrooms, kitchen, and selection of new office furniture, and staging with decorative accessories. (2018)

CAPTAIN DAN FISHERIES, corporate offices in Moncton, NB.  Design concept of reception area-kitchen-offices-bathrooms, selection of all interior finishes, lighting, flooring, colors scheme, accent walls, and selection of new office furniture (style & finishes), and staging with decorative accessories. (2019)


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Home Staging To Sell or Home Staging for Living

Either you want to stage your house for living or you want to stage it to sell, we can assist you in both.

The process of Staging a home for living is a bit different than a staging to sell.

Space planning, furniture layout, wall color, lighting, de-cluttering, traffic flow, etc, are things that will be discussed.

In a staging for living, we will personalize the decor to your taste and likes.

In a staging to sell, we will de-personalize the decor by using more neutral colors, in order to appeal to a wider range of buyers.

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Custom Blinds

We also offer free in home consultation and estimate for custom blinds.

Products available are:

Revolve Shades (Dual Shades)  –  Roller-Shades  –  Sun Shades  – Sheerweave –  Faux-wood blinds  –  Vertical blinds

Call me at (506)961-2218 or send me an email to to schedule your appointment.